Why 'Scandal' Should Keep Fitz & Olivia Apart

Back when I was first started binge-watching Scandal , I found Olivia Pope's relationship with President Fitz kind of endearing. Olivia, who seems so polished and put together, is sleeping with a man who is both married and the leader of the free world. And despite the fact that he was cheating on his evil genius of a wife, it was easy to feel sympathy for him. Because of his very important job, he felt trapped in a marriage he didn't want to be part of, and could never truly live the life he desired with Olivia. But now that we're in Season 4, I can't believe I ever felt that way. I was young then. I now know that Fitzgerald Grant is the worst — and not just because the alternative, the gorgeous Jake Ballard, is so perfect.

In a way, it's hard to blame Fitz for acting the way that he has been this season. People who feel trapped do crazy things, and it's hard to make rational decisions when you're mourning the unexpected loss of your son. But the way he treats (and has treated) Olivia is inexcusable, no matter what he's been going through. I'm glad that the couple is apart right now, and they need to stay that way — for good. Someone as incredible as Olivia most certainly does not belong with someone like Fitzgerald Grant. I don't care if he is the president, here's why Olivia should never take him back.

He's controlling — and kind of a brat

In the short history of Scandal, anytime Olivia has seemed like she might be interested in starting a real relationship with Jake — a step that is, understandably, incredibly hard for her to take — Fitz has done what he could to sabotage it. Don't be mistaken: Fitz might have thought that Jake was responsible for Jerry Jr.'s death, but if he truly knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jake had killed his child, he wouldn't still be alive. And to keep Jake under his watch while feeding Olivia information about him so she'd continue to call? Super manipulative. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

He led Olivia on forever

Let's run away. Let's move to Vermont. Fitz, your mouth is moving but all I can hear is an endless spout of lies pouring out. I realize that you're in a bit of a predicament when it comes to leaving your wife because you're the president of the United States and all, but if you really loved Olivia, if you really expected her to basically ruin her reputation and career because she wanted to start a life with you, you would have pulled the trigger and left office before we got to this point, now wouldn't you?

And let's be real, here: Fitz might as well move to Vermont and leave Mellie and Olivia alone, because both of them can do better. To the left, Fitz. To the left.

He brings out the worst in her

Olivia Pope is one of the strongest, most independent, most admirable women on TV right now... until, of course, she's in Fitz's presence. The thing about love — in a healthy, secure relationship, anyway — is that it's supposed to make you a better person, not make you lose your identity or make decisions you might be ashamed of later. I feel like Olivia's stuck in this vacuum with Fitz, and something serious needs to happen to pull her out. Of course, I feel like about 19 "something serious" events have happened that should have helped her see the light, but obviously it hasn't been enough to make her quit Fitz cold turkey.

Sigh. Olivia, it's so easy. Just choose Jake, and let Fitz worry about himself. He's a big boy. If he can't handle it, someone on his staff certainly can.

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