Bono's Private Jet Lost a Door Mid-Flight

This is literally every airplane nightmare I have ever had come to life. No, seriously, I am getting that familiar plane anxiety already and I'm nowhere near an airport. Apparently, U2 singer Bono's private jet lost a door mid-flight and, though thankfully he and the other passengers were completely unharmed, I imagine there was a lot of screaming and crying and clinging to one another the entire time it was happening. At least, that's what I would have done. I mean, sure, U2 downloaded Song of Innocence to your iPod whether you wanted it or not, but no one deserves to have something like this happen to them.

The accident sounds much worse than it actually was. According to ABC, Bono's Learjet actually lost a door where the luggage was put in. The mid-air incident happened over Germany and German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation official Germout Freitag said there was no information at this time as to why the door didn't stay attached to the plane like any good door would, especially after takeoff: "There can be many reasons for this incident. Either something broke on the door or the door wasn't closed properly. Those are the usual problems that occur."

According to an anonymous Daily Mail source, the other members of U2 were not on the jet as they were due to fly to Berlin later in the day, but Bono and his passengers lost their luggage in the incident. "They were startled for a bit but they continued on and made the descent into Berlin airport. When they landed they were horrified to learn that the compartment at the rear of the plane had completely detached," said the source. "The entire door along with Bono and his companions’ luggage had fallen out mid-air. They don’t know if the door and the contents landed over water or land but they were extremely lucky."

There is an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of the accident, but it could be years before we actually find out what happened. The important thing to note for now is that the plane landed safely and no one got hurt, because it could have been a lot worse. I don't think I need to tell anyone that if a door flies off your airplane then you're in a world of trouble, but in this case there was simply a loss of pressure at most. In light of that, is it appropriate yet to joke that at least now U2's lead singer has some real-life experience to plumb for his next album?