You Need to See This "#SELFIE" Parody

Did you really think you’d heard the last of the Chainsmoker’s “#SELFIE” when the ABC show Selfie got cancelled? Of course you didn’t — but at least this time, it’s in the form of Srlsy’s “#SNACK,” the foodie “#SELFIE” parody you didn’t know you wanted. Because you guys? I just need a snack.

For real — “I just need a snack” has taken the place of the refrain “lemme take a selfie” in this video starring Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson, AKA The Srsly Girls. Instead of a dizzying array of selfies, the collage of photographs that makes up the majority of the video feature celebrities eating; the footage of the girls partying consists of them chowing down on a whole lot of things I’d really like to be jamming into my mouth right now; and the deciding factor as to whether one of the girls should go home with Jason isn’t the quality of his selfies, but rather the availability of his snacks. It tosses around all sorts of foodie-tastic terms and phrases — a market salad, charcuterie, and pork buns for the table are a must, of course, and duh, they’re obviously going to need share plates — and yes, it’s as hilarious (and mouthwatering) as it sounds.

I’ll be honest: There’s so much going on in the original “#SELFIE” video that I am incapable of watching it all the way through. Every time I try, my head starts spinning before I reach the one minute mark; then I have to go lie down in a quiet room for a while. I suppose that’s the point, though — as Bustle’s Anneliese Cooper put it when the video went viral earlier this year, it’s “the kind of social satire that treads dangerously close to what it’s satirizing but still manages to come out on top.” “#SNACK,” however? It’s not only a little easier on the eyes, but also full of things I actually like looking at. I feel like maybe the video could have capitalized on Instagram food photography a little more, but that’s a small quibble. It’s plenty enjoyable on its own. Also, does anyone else kind of want that fries-shaped smartphone case and that burger-like clutch? I mean, yes, they’re terribly impractical — but if you like to tote ridiculous accessories around with you for the purposes of irony, it doesn’t get much better than these:

Yes, please.

Watch the full video for “#SNACK” here, and find out more about Srsly at its website:

And if you need a refresher, here’s “#SELFIE”:

Now if you'll excuse me, I really do need a snack now. Or maybe lunch. Or a fruit and cheese plate. Or something...

Images: srslytheshow/YouTube (3)