Chicago Like You've Never Seen It Before

My New York friends can say what they want, I still think Chicago is one of the best cities ever. Which is why this gorgeous time lapse video of Chicago by photographer Eric Hines is making me incredibly nostalgic. Is anyone else craving deep dish or is that just me?

The city of Chicago is not for everyone. It's freezing cold in the winter, sweltering hot in the summer, and full of pot holes all year round. The sales tax is out of control, but the politicians still try to claim the city doesn't have money to pay for schools. And that's not even getting into all the issues with Chicago police or corruption at City Hall or gun violence. Also, apparently they're rigging the yellow lights against us.

And yet, ask any person who lives in Chicago and they'll probably tell you they wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Because for all it's challenges, Chicago is still a city millions are proud to call home. And despite its fondness for gray and miserable weather, it's also beautiful, too, as this video demonstrates.

The video is the result of a two-year project by Hines, and the result is a picture of Chicago to make Chicagoans proud.