Kim Kardashian Naked Broke The Internet, But Here Are 10 Times Looked Amazing All Covered Up

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Kim Kardashian, her oily butt, and her full front nudity, which she put on display for Paper, broke the Internet. Kardashian's naked Paper cover is all anyone is talking about and frankly, it's starting to exhaust me. Yes, Kim's shapely derriere is pretty amazing and kudos to her for having the confidence to let the whole world see all of her lady parts. But honestly, it's expected. The Kardashian family business is built on letting everything hang out, both literally and figuratively, and naked celebs on mag covers is nothing new. Oh, hey, Rihanna, hey. Oh, hey, Gaga, hey! Oh, hey Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley with Tom Ford, hey!

I personally find Kimmy to be way more striking and interesting when she finds sexy ways to cover up. That's way harder then just showing it off, no?

Here are 10 times that prove Kim Kardashian always looks hot, not matter what she is (or isn't) wearing.

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