How To Do Your Makeup Just Like Lily Aldridge

Model Lily Aldridge just pulled a Taylor Swift. No, she did not release a music industry-saving album. She transformed herself and her look on a mag cover like the well-browed Swift did with Wonderland. On the cover of the Spanish fashion magazine S Moda , Lily Aldridge morphed into a doppelgänger of '60s British fashion icon Jane Birkin, who is more famous for her Hermes bags than anything else, and gorgeous model Jean Shrimpton, who was a total doe-eyed stunner. Aldridge did so with her winged liner, heavy bangs, straight locks, statement lashes, and her pale lips.

This look is straight out of '60s England. Even Aldridge's Cookie Monster-like coat harks back to that era, when shift dresses were often paired with Mary Janes and full, feathery jackets.

Love this look as much as I do? The good news is that it's, like, legit easy to recreate with a minimum of products. However, it also might require a trip to your stylist, since the bangs are the centerpiece of the presentation. This is actually the perfect look for bang beginners; they're longer than most fringes, so they'll grown in quicker if you end up hating the look. Ask for bangs that hit at your eyelashes, getting longer towards the edges and blending into long, face-framing layers.

Here's Aldridge-as-Birkin-and-Shrimpton.

Here's how to copy her look, from the neck up, of course, with three products and a quick salon trip. You want a big furry jacket thing? Start thrifting or vintage shopping and you'll find a similar treasure.

1. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

This liquid liner with a felt tip wand is my favorite product for creating a cat eye or winged look. The pointy handle allows for lots of control over the line you create, it dries quickly, and all you need is a few Q-tips to fix any mistakes or to even shape the outer flick. It stays all freakin' day and you can go as thick (think Adele) or as thin (like Alexa Chung) as you want. English gals really know how to do cat eye. Rimmel is a U.K. brand. Birkin and Shrimpton are English. See the pattern? ($5, drugstore.com)

2. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick In Nude Beige

Soft, matte, and pinky-nude lips are also essential to this look, with the pale, barely-there lip balanced by a statement, heavy, black-lined eye, which can be paired with three or four coats of any inky mascara, mind you. ($35, sephora.com)

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Bronzing Beauty Balm

A little dewy bronzer can go a long way to add some dimension to this look. Remember the golden rule of getting golden'ish: Less is always more. ($34, urbandecay.com)

And the last and most important thing we need to discuss regarding this look is the bangs. If you have already have bangs, well, why not skip the normal maintenance trim that you might get in between full haircuts in favor of letting them grow out to a messy, longer length? Instant '60s model.

Images: Moda (Via Fashionista) (1); Drugstore (1); Sephora (1); Urban Decay (1)