13 Brilliant Food Hacks That Involve Filling Your Ice Trays With Something Other Than Water

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Ice cubes are making a comeback, everyone. We saw it happening this past summer -- odds are at some point, you or someone close to you had a bucket of ice dropped on their head to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. And if you happened to live on a remote island where nobody around you did it, you at least saw videos of celebrities dunking each other (thanks again for existing, Chris Pratt). But as great as all the attention for ALS has been, it’s time for us to celebrate the unsung heros – not just the ice cubes that committed their duty, but the honorable ice cube trays that made them in the first place .

That’s right. Behind every successful ice cube is a tray that molded them to be who they are today. But little do we think beyond the simple ice cube to fathom all that ice cube trays are capable of. Isn’t it time that we stop thinking so narrowly and give ice cube trays the proper respect that they deserve? There are all sorts of liquids and foods that their mighty plastic shells are equipped to freeze. Scroll through and be enlightened, my friends, of just all the surprising ice cube tray hacks life has to offer.

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