Dr. Jart+ Turns Skincare Into Art With New Pop Up

by Tyler Atwood

Korean skincare is taking over the beauty market, and if you have any doubt of the fact, simply look to the much-adored brand Dr. Jart+. In celebration of the company's 10 year anniversary, Dr. Jart+ has opened a pop-up shop at Openhouse Gallery in downtown New York City, complete with an art gallery vibe and virtual facials. Located at 201 Mulberry Street, the pop-up only runs until November 16th, so New Yorkers better set an iPhone alert to beat the burgeoning crowds this weekend.

Launched in its first iteration under the name Dermaster in 2004, Dr. Jart+ quickly fulfilled skincare desires that United States consumers didn't even realize they had. The brand boasts one of the first ultra-popular BB creams in the States, a smash-hit which I fondly recall purchasing in bulk thanks to its creamy texture, luminosity-bestowing abilities, and ideal union of coverage and breathability. In the ten years since, Dr. Jart+ has helped popularize other Korean skincare essentials including hydrating facial masks (Jart+'s Water-Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask) and sleeping masks (the brand's Premium Firming Sleeping Mask).

Dr. Jart+'s pop-up shop is no slouch in the art department, either. The white-walled gallery space features a series of playful prints chronicling the power of Dr. Jart+ products by illustrator Hyesu Lee, a row of panels which highlight various essential elements of Seoul, South Korea, and a delightfully colossal book which illuminates key facets of K-Beauty, from A (All-In-One), to Z (ZZZ for sleep). Most importantly, guests of the pop-up can indulge in a "virtual facial" to determine which Jr. Jart+ products will best address their skin concerns. Forget your lazy Saturday plans, because this is one art exhibition you won't want to miss.

Images: Tyler Atwood