'Suits': Pearson and Darby Split Up the Firm, As Mike and Rachel Face a Split of Their Own

When Darby's requested terms for the firm's dissolution are (surprise, surprise) unfavorable to Jessica, she delegates the negotiations to Litt—a choice that Harvey scoffs at. Jessica insists that he must be more respectful to Louis now that he's a name partner. But Harvey loves being mean to him! It's like cyberbullying, but in real life.

Mike and Rachel keep on making kissy faces at each other because that's all they're good for. Mwah mwah mwah. But there's trouble in paradise. She doesn't like how he drinks coconut water straight from the bottle and leaves his mugs all over the place. He doesn't like feeling like an intruder in her apartment. He takes her to his grandmother's old place, which he still owns, and asks her move in with him.

As their contribution to the divorce settlement, Mike and Harvey hope to poach Samsung, one of Darby's biggest clients. They'll have to contend with Dana Scott, who stands to win a partnership if she can successfully protect the London office from Harvey's advances.

Meanwhile, Litt's negotiating strategy is compromised when Nigel opens with a power move. He presents a stack of Louis' letters to Mikado, Nesbitt's cat (and the object of Litt's affection), all of them unopened. "You never read them to her?" he shouts, "You son of a bitch!" The agreement is botched, the client list gets locked, and Litt totally salts Harvey's game.

Is there a loophole that can save the firm? (Yes. Of course there is.) Jessica suggests they look to existing clients who owe them money and convince them to pay up. One enticing possibility is Folsom Foods, a client of Robert Zane's—that is, Rachel's daddy.

Ross offers to trim 20% off their fee if the company will shell out early, but Zane ain't budging. Mike lays the guilt on thick, asking his potential father-in-law what Rachel would think of his stubbornness. Bold move, yo. It works. It also makes his girlfriend really, really angry.

Dana asks Harvey to exclude the Folsom Foods payment from the settlement calculation, reminding him of how he came to her for help in his time of need. Ugh, fine. But it's not long after he persuades a reluctant Jessica to Scottie's side that the attorneys learn they've been fired by Hessington Oil. Poof. Say goodbye to all that cashmoney. Did Scottie betray him?

Fortunately, Louis, dear old Louis, has a solution. Gianopulos Holdings technically wouldn't count as a new client, but if they were to sign on with the firm officially, that'd triple their lost revenue. Smart move.

"I respect you," Harvey tells him. "You're an excellent attorney and a valuable member of this firm." Litt tears up. "And a friend?" he asks. Harvey smiles. "Don't push it."

It turns out that Scottie had nothing to do with Hessington Oil's departure. Ava Hessington made this decision herself—and she's suing them all for malpractice.

Mike apologizes to Rachel and asks her again to move in with him. She loves him, she says, but... but... she just got into Stanford.

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