You'll Actually Want To Hop On This Subway

by Jamie Cuccinelli

There are few things I hate more than my morning subway commute. I don't know if it's the being crammed up against strangers with questionable hygiene practices, my utter disdain for street and subway performers, or my constant, totally rational fear of falling onto the tracks and dying a tragic death (IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME OK). But I would deal with all of that tenfold, without even my venti iced coffee, if I could spend my subway commute on the T train. Never heard of it, you say? Does it go to Brooklyn, you ask? Well, the mystical T train only has ever made one stop — an art gallery in Chelsea. The T train is actually a subway car designed by Tiffany & Co., as an avant-garde showcase for their newest collection. And who said the subway couldn't be fabulous?

Crafted by the Sid Lee design firm, the subway car fittingly housed the brand's Tiffany T collection, a new line of jewelry designed by Tiffany and Co.'s new design director, Francesca Amfitheatrof. The collection was formulated around the unmistakable T of Tiffany's — a classic concept made totally modern with graphic, sculpted designs, and a boost of youthfulness. Would you expect its showcase to be any different?

The Tiffany T train subway car nestled within the DIA:Chelsea art gallery, effortlessly complimented the collection with its bridge between old world nostalgia and modern New York City glamour. "We created something that was stylized and impressionistic, almost like a Wes Anderson set," said Sid Lee creative director, Daniel Chandler. With period-piece rivets, destination signs, and vintage suitcases strewn about, you've never seen a subway stop look this dreamy.

The T train may have left its station, but it has sure left an impression... Mainly one of jealousy on plebeian commuters like myself. Why isn't this dapper fellow on my subway route engraving silver bracelets for riders, huh?!

Images: Getty Images; StyleCurated/Twitter; painpowerbeauty, bfa_nyc/Instagram