Reddit Is Uninterested in Jon Stewart's Serious New Movie

Jon Stewart's new, and unexpectedly serious, movie Rosewater opened in theaters Friday. To celebrate and promote the film, Stewart stopped by the Reddit headquarters to answer some questions. Stewart was very, and almost disappointingly, diplomatic in all of his answers, but he certainly delivered the comedy. Unfortunately for Stewart, no one really asked him about his interesting movie about one of his correspondent's imprisonment in Iran. Reddit seemed more interesting in his celebrity feuds, The Daily Show, and the scent of Stephen Colbert.

Below are some of the highlights. I've edited some of the questions down, mostly because the gushing at the beginning got a little repetitive. We get it, Reddit, you love Jon Stewart.

On fame:

On Bill O'Reilly:


His favorite things:

On his Crossfire appearance:

Alex Felker on YouTube

On Stephen Colbert:

On the inner workings of The Daily Show:

On Anthony Weiner:

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On future plans:

On Seth MacFarlane:

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On his hair: