Does The Snow Queen Want Hook Dead on 'OUAT'?

One thing's for certain, the Snow Queen is truly giving Regina a run for her money on Once Upon a Time Season 4. Last Sunday's episode of OUAT revealed that Ingrid killed her sister Helga by accident, which is how she ended up in the magical urn and has all of this paranoia about "regular people" discriminating against her. But it also revealed something else — she desperately wants to alienate Emma from her family and friends so she can convince the Savior to join her new, perfectly blonde, loving family. I know, Ingrid is quite possibly one of the creepiest villains OUAT has ever thrown at us — and that's saying something because Peter Pan was nuts. At the end of last Sunday's OUAT, the Snow Queen might have asked Rumplestiltskin to kill Hook, which would basically prove that she means business when it comes to assembling this new family of hers.

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking — HOW COULD ONCE UPON A TIME DARE THREATEN HOOK'S LIFE? Emma and Hook just got together and now they're going to try to kill him off the series because of The Snow Queen? Villains are temporary, Hook and Emma are forever. Well, OUAT did its very best on Sunday to reveal that The Snow Queen is not beneath manipulation to get what she wants when she antagonized Emma until she blasted a hole through the police station wall. So when the Snow Queen whispered something clearly devious into Rumple's ear, I immediately thought she asked him to kill Hook. After all, killing Hook and leaving Emma feeling like an unloved outcast would be the ultimate way of getting her on her side.

Are you wondering why I'm so certain that the Snow Queen wants Hook dead? Well, you can look no further than Rumple's reaction to her request and his incredibly evil and satisfied look when he agreed to do it — because Hook is the reason Rumple's first wife left him and he became The Dark One in the first place. Rumple's still not over it and I can imagine he'd be pretty happy to settle the score if it meant getting his freedom.

So, why does The Snow Queen want Hook dead? Here are the three most probable reasons.

It'll Destroy Emma If It Happens By Her Hand

I wouldn't put it past the Snow Queen and Rumplestiltskin to be setting Emma up to unintentionally kill Hook with her own bare hands. Because it would destroy her to have the two great loves of her life die. Emma already lost Neal, granted that it wasn't by her hand, but still. If those two evil geniuses can manipulate Emma into acting out and accidentally killing Hook, it would ruin her beyond repair and it might drive her straight into the Snow Queen's arms.

It'll Leave Emma Without Her Greatest Supporter

Hook would go to the ends of the Earth for Emma and it was obvious in David and Mary Margaret's expressions last Sunday that their daughter was starting to scare them. So, really, right now he's all she's got. If he dies, by her hand or by Rumple's (that really doesn't matter in this situation), Emma would be left feeling alone. And the Snow Queen would manipulate her into believing that she's the only one that can offer her comfort and support.

If Done Right, It'll Turn Emma Into A Monster In The Town's Eyes

If The Snow Queen and Rumple can actually get Emma to kill Hook by accident, or on purpose if she uses that magic mirror on Emma to turn her against Hook, Storybrooke would go on a witch hunt. They're already terrified of Emma losing control of her powers from last Sunday's episode — if she actually kills someone, she'll no longer be the Savior, she'll be the enemy. And that'll send Emma running scared straight to the one person who knows what she's feeling and who predicted that this would happen, the Snow Queen.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC