These Are the Cutest Pics of North Yet

Let's take a step back from Kim Kardashian, her naked self, Paper magazine, and breaking the Internet. As hard as it may be to not talk about this past week filled with shocking Kardashian photos, it's time we focus on something lighter, cuter, and sweeter — new photos of North West! Kardashian shared some pretty adorable photos of her daughter via Instagram on Friday afternoon that prove that, like the rest of us, North also loves visiting animals and sipping on yummy beverages.

As you can see below, apparently, North loves hot chocolate. This is her first taste of the chocolatey and delightful warm winter beverage. Based on the photo, she also loves the foam (or is that whipped cream?), all while munching on a cookie (in her hand). Yeah, she knows how to enjoy hot chocolate the right way.

The other photos show North at the zoo! She sure looks to be loving spending time with her "aunties" and the animals, all while bundled up in her Yeezus coat. Despite being in the spotlight, thanks to her well-known parents, North seems like a pretty fun kid who knows how to spend her day off.

Now, let's check out these adorable photos.

North Tries Her First Hot Chocolate

North With Her "Aunties"

North Checking Out the Animals

North Smiling Wide With Delight

Yeah, she's pretty cute.