What happens when you're reunited with your SO

As I was putting this list together, I unintentionally decided that reuniting with your significant other, when you haven’t seen them in however many days, weeks, or months, is a lot like the beginning of a new relationship. I barely remember the second Sex and the City movie (because, let's be honest, it was kinda insufferable), but I do remember Carrie’s dilemma with Big: things had grown stale (dun, dun, DUN). In the movie, they’re eating takeout every night and watching TV in their luxury apartment, and this is just NOT okay with Carrie. She needs to figure things out, so she goes to Abu Dhabi with her lady crew to experience fun desert adventures, and by the time she gets back to New York, she’s excited about her relationship with Big again. Abu Dhabi saved their relationship, because duh, of course it did.

This is basically what happens to all of us (minus access to a stupidly luxurious city in a desert thing) when we see our significant other again after not being with them for awhile. Feelings are refurbished, and you basically get to give your relationship a reboot, whether it needs it or not. Now I’m totally not saying every single relationship has to be like, on the fritz in order for a couple reunion to be this amazing, jovial event. Definitely not! You can be rock solid with your boo before getting separated, but admit it: You’re more likely to jump their bones if you haven’t seen them for awhile. Come on. It’s science*.

Here are 12 things that will probably happen as soon as you’re reunited with your partner after your respective voyages:

1. So much sex. SO. MUCH.

Neither of you have probably been getting any nookie, so as human beings who require (or at the very least, prefer) sex to live enjoyable lives, you will see no reason to deter reunion sex ASAP. In your car, on the floor, in the bathroom, essentially wherever you can gain steady footing is game. (And honestly, even the steady footing part is optional; The greatest occurrence of sex injuries happens while the people involved are drunk. The second greatest occurrence of sex injuries happens when the people involved are in love and haven't seen each other in a while.)

2. You call out of work to stay in bed all day

Once your SO is back in your life, you realize how important staying in bed in your pajamas and eating Cheetos while endlessly spooning is and how pointless everything else in life can be. You prioritize your long, lost love, first and foremost.

3. Go overboard with kindness and favors

Before they went on vacation, you never offered to do the dishes. Or vacuum. Or do their laundry while you do your laundry. You consider yourself a nice person, but everyone has their limits. However, not seeing them for awhile has fundamentally changed you. Now you wake up early and make the bed; you do dishes as you cook so neither of you has to deal with it after dinner; you do nice things for them without being asked—and vice versa. Things will probably go back to normal after a few days, so enjoy this blissfully peaceful, magical period while you can.

4. Ditch friends so you can hang out

Spending every second with your person just seems like a smarter investment of time.

5. The need to talk about everything, all the time

What you’ve been eating, that weird e-mail you received from your co-worker this morning, a song you think she would like...I mean, you both can’t shut up about all the small things that you never cared about discussing before but now seem absolutely essential to share.

6. You’re never angry about anything

Did he accidentally bleach your favorite dark blue pajamas? No biggie. You know where they sell ‘em. *Resume swooning*

7. You actually cook at home instead of ordering take-out

You suddenly realize how sterile and unremarkable it is to order Chinese food every Thursday and Friday when you two could be bonding in the kitchen while making pizza from scratch and thoroughly experiencing one another’s company in a spiritual, foodie kind of way. Like Eat, Pray, Love without the “Pray” part. (More like Eat, BANG, Love! Zing!)

8. You refrain from spending hours scrolling through Tumblr and Facebook

On any normal night, you explore the digital black hole that is the Internet while he plays video games on his phone. Not anymore! (At least, not for a week or so.) You two are going to spend quality time, and that time does not include GIFs OR social media.

9. You just look at his/her face and wondering how such a good-looking human is in your bed right now

You really did forget how wonderful his nose is, and how soft his hair can be. You want to just burst with appreciation and love and joy.

10. Stay up until 3AM talking

It's like a sleepover, except with graver consequences (see: life the next day).

11. Either get breakfast together, or make it

You never spend time eating breakfast together. Never. The most you do together in the AM is scarf down a granola bar and take turns brushing your teeth in the bathroom. Now, you feel like you ought to really take advantage of breakfast food like a couple in love, damnit.

12. Consciously worry you’ll fall back into your usual routine

Because this is so nice! This rediscovery of your beautiful, love-y love. It’s all chemicals, and magic, and making out. And even though you know the renewed honeymoon has to end sometime, being apart and missing each other always reminds you that just because you might fall back into the same old routine doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

*Eh, not really science.

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