Kim Kardashian Headed to Indian 'Big Brother'

Because her family doesn't yet have enough of a reality TV presence, Kim Kardashian is now set to appear on the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss. It will be her first trip to India, and it's just one stop on a promotional tour for her new perfume called Fleur Fatale. She's already travelled to Australia during the trip.

The TV show, which is in its 8th season and has previously been visited by Pamela Anderson, follows the same format as the American Big Brother, with contestants interacting and feuding in an isolated house. The Bigg Boss is a man whose voice is heard in the house, but he's never seen. Except for one "wild card," all the contestants are Indian celebrities. Kim will interact with them in some way or other on November 22, but her role remains mysterious.

Kim left daughter North West behind on her trip, and it's been hard on her. She tweeted "Missing my baby girl so bad already! Was going to bring her but 3 countries in a week is too much traveling. Daddy time will be much better." She later posted this absolutely adorable picture. Poor Kim!