What Happened To Anna On 'Once Upon A Time?' It Has The Snow Queen's Name All Over It

Surprise, surprise, OUAT fans — Frozen's Princess Anna is exactly where you'd expect her to be. Sunday night's two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time finally revealed what happened to Anna and, of course, The Snow Queen's mark is all over it. During "Shatter The Mirror Part 1," OUAT finally showed fans Anna and Elsa's past, what happened to Anna, and how Elsa ended up in that magical urn. And, none of it was pretty — which is exactly what the Spell of Shattered Sight was trying to get at. Basically, the answer to Elsa's "Where is Anna?" question is simple — Anna is frozen in Arendelle on OUAT . Yes, I mean that literally.

During last Sunday's episode, we saw that Anna questioned The Snow Queen's motives and consulted the rock trolls for answers about Ingrid and her family's past. She was intercepted by her Aunt Ingrid and locked in the dungeon and that's where this week's episode picked up. Elsa went to Anna's cell, basically told her that she didn't believe a thing their dear, old aunt had been telling them and sprung her sister. Because their bond couldn't be broken by The Snow Queen's manipulation.

The pair planned to trap Aunt Ingrid in the magic urn because, obviously, she's the worst and they devised a plan for Anna to do it — well, clearly, that didn't work out. Somehow, with her "eyes and ears all over the place" The Snow Queen figured out what they were trying to do and, before Anna could trap her, she used the Spell of Shattered Sight. The Snow Queen smashed a tiny piece of a mirror and blew it into Anna's eyes (ouch) and managed to turn her against Elsa, breaking their bond forever. Anna trapped Elsa in the urn and then The Snow Queen froze Anna and Kristoff in the dining room of the castle.

So, now we know how Elsa's story is going to end — when her work in Storybrooke is done, she's heading back to Arendelle. And hopefully she'll want to build a snowman, if Anna can ever look at ice again.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC