Will Carmen Return to 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Last week on Vanderpump Rules, Jax brought Carmen Dickman (girlfriend #1) out for a romantic dinner at a strategically chosen junky pizza restaurant for the explicit purpose of breaking up with her. In an expert show of being quick on her feet, Carmen then proceeded to verbally tear him a new soul patch. Her get-your-life-together-grow-up-I-don't-wanna-be-friends-cause-I-don't-like-you speech was all a girl telling off a guy should be, and then a box of leftover pizza to go. But we all know that old habits of lurve die hard, so will Carmen be back on Vanderpump Rules this season?

If we know anything about Jax, it's that he has an unparalleled talent for making the wrong decisions. In a move of quintessentially Vanderpump-ian foreshadowing, Tom Sandoval cautioned Jax from hastily cutting his close-proximity model girlfriend loose right before he dumped her. Now, his only romantic lifeline is Tiffany, a woman with a real job, an adult life, and who lives 300 miles away in Las Vegas. I'm not a gambling woman, but my money is on Tiffany dumping Jax, Jax getting emotional, and then crawling back to Carmen. Before any pathetic attempt at reconciliation is made, he'll naturally take a detour to the tattoo parlor to add border of roses around her name on his arm. (Ya know, just to show how much he wants her back.)

But how can we know for sure? As Bravo says, we'll just have to watch what happens, but for now, we can turn to the season trailer for clues.

Alllllright, so it looks like we've seen all the action there is to see with Carmen that's shown in the trailer. Should we take that as an indicator that her airtime on the show is dunzo?

Don't be so hasty, guys. They've broken up and gotten back together at least once this year. In April, Dickman took to Twitter to confirm that she and Jax had broken up with no bad blood between them. She said: "Jax Taylor and I are no longer together. It was a mutual agreement, and an amicable split." Even though that cringe-worthy breakup seemed anything but amicable, perhaps this is what we just watched? Later on that month, Jax posted photos of himself and his ex on Instagram (which he has since deleted) from a Las Vegas trip, indicating that they had resumed their romance. Maybe this Las Vegas trip is the one that Tom Schwartz is referring to towards the end of the season preview? It seems like too much of a coincidence...

However, if everything is being edited chronologically in the show (and that's not a guarantee), we can judge that all the action we just witnessed is taking place after Scheana's birthday on May 7. Thus, the initial April breakup had already happened by the time that filming had started for Season 3.

Judging from that, it's highly possible that what we just saw on the show was the final Carmen and Jax breakup. However, be on the lookout for a new mysterious blonde... The one from the trailer whose been warned about Jax, but "doesn't judge." THIS should be interesting.