Another Fashion Week Mani We're Into, This Time from Holmes & Yang

There's no shortage of nail art this season on the runways. It's as if everyone forgot we declared allegiance to the nude nail, but hey! A little fun never hurt anyone.

At Holmes & Yang (yes, Katie Holmes' line,) OPI put a slant on a traditional French manicure by slashing a colored line of polish across the tips of the nails, leaving the rest blankly nude. Simple, clean, elegant, and a little bit interesting without being crazy or too distracting. I think I'm into it.

Even if you don't have surgeon-steady hands, a straight line is easy to create. After letting your nude color dry, and I mean really dry, apply a short piece of tape to the nail, leaving the tip uncovered, and use that as a guide for painting.

OPI used its dark blue I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw (yes that's really the polish name) but I'm partial to the idea of adding a little sparkle to this look. A warm, glittery, red color would go nicely with this time of year, if the heat would ever let up!

Just a hint of color to catch the light.

Images courtesy of OPI