73 Plus-Size Fashion Gifts, For The Best And Most Curve-Tastic Shopping Experience Of All Time

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As a fatter woman who loves receiving presents (especially when they come in the form of dresses and skirts), there's something I've noticed when it comes to the gifts I receive from friends, relatives, and even partners. They usually suck.

I'm not trying to be malicious or ungrateful. The reality is simply that most people don't know what to buy plus-size women (unless the gifters are also plus-size women or your boyfriend who is just as up on plus-size fashion as you are because you talk and write about it all the time). So you basically end up with poorly fitting, neutral-toned, solid-colored tops or thermals. And it's all, unfortunately, very boring.

In my experience, being gifted clothing consists largely of hoping there's a gift receipt somewhere in the box and running over to the shop to exchange the ensemble for something that fits and looks better. I often think a lot of the plus-size fashion gifting faux-pas that happen this time of year are down to people thinking plus-size women want only to wear pudge-concealing garments. But for a lot of us, that's just not the case. Like, not at all.

So that being said, I've compiled a guide to plus-size holiday shopping. If you have a plus-size friend, relative, or lover, do consider checking it out. Conversely, if you're a plus-size babe who wants to treat herself, well, my advice is to go all out. I'm certainly not opposed to buying myself anything. Whether it's the holiday season or otherwise.

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