'The Voice' Contestant Reagan James Should Win Because This Young Singer Is Important

Despite some iffy comments from the coaches, rock n' roll was the right way to go for Team Blake's Reagan James on The Voice. With only four female contestants left, it seems like America wants to see a guy win Season 7 of The Voice, but the 16-year-old's Top 12 performance showed she has what it takes to be the last one standing. Even though she's on Team Blake, Gwen may have given her the most constructive advice when she told her she should act more her age. Ever since, she has been dressing and performing with a youthful energy that seems more herself and still leaves us craving more. After her emotional playoff performance of Colbie Caillat's "Try," Blake announced that Reagan is one of the most important contestants they've ever had on the show and that's why she should win.

The Texas native turned 16 on the day of the first live eliminations, which makes her the youngest contestant in the Top 12. Talk about a Sweet Sixteen. Her 16th birthday celebration wasn't exactly traditional, but most importantly neither is her voice. Her unmatched R&B vibe is exactly what the music industry needs right now — and who better to fill the spot than a sassy teenager with the heart of a 40-year old? Reagan James should make it to the end because she has so much more than just a smokey-cool voice.


Reagan's primary musical influence is her step dad, but the original American Idol (who is also from Burleson) actually babysat her when she was a child. A guitar teacher and cover band singer, Reagan's step dad taught her everything she knows and inspired her to follow her dream. But Clarkson was the one to show Reagan that great things can happen to people from little towns. Now Reagan wants nothing more than to follow in her fellow Texan's footsteps and leave the singing competition with a victory.


Strictly for the sake of votes, Reagan's age is a huge advantage. The Voice is one of the few reality shows that uses social media as its main source of voting as well as advertising — and that could mean everything for Reagan. You know her entire high school will be voting up a storm and buying her songs, leaving her with thousands of votes from her home town alone. Add in the Twitter and Voice App votes from the millions of viewers waiting to see a teenager win and Reagan James is golden.


It didn't occur to me what was missing about Reagan until she whipped out that guitar and played it flawlessly. Stripped down to nothing but her voice and an acoustic guitar, Reagan's performance was haunting and captivating and showed us a side of her we hadn't seen before. Her performance of "Try" was delicate and airy and unbelievably relatable, but it also showed she has an inventive side as she and Blake altered the arrangement to make it her own. The next time she whips out her guitar, you can bet she'll leave you craving more.

Her performance of Lenny Kravitz's "It Ain't Over Til' It's Over" didn't have to be perfect to keep us on board with Reagan because she's finally bringing some youthful energy to her performances. She might be the youngest, but that only makes her talent even more impressive. The only thing that may have put Reagan over the top, without question, is if Kelly were here to coach her.

Images: Paul Drinkwater, Tyler Golden (3), Trae Patton/NBC