'The Fault in Our Stars' Cast is Still Adorable

It's another day in the adorable saga of the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, and author John Green vlogged again from the set. This time we learn Shailene Woodley's favorite book and get acquainted with some very fancy movie set port-a-potties.

We've spouted our unabashed joy for the production of The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS for short) before. It just seems like a fun place to be. So fun, in fact, that John Green spent a week on the Pittsburgh set, went back home to his wife and kids, and then flew back to it a week later.

This time around, Green's been watching more filming, and according to this tweet from earlier today he seems no less astonished than he was on the first day:

[Green]: "It's like seeing the book in real life." Wyck Godfrey: "You say that about every scene." [Green]: "Because it keeps happening!"

TFiOS stars woodland elf Shailene Woodley as its main character Hazel Grace Lancaster, and we learn through this video that Woodley's favorite book is 1984, which is very intellectual of her. Her second favorite book is TFiOS itself, which Green has confirmed before. Also seen in the video is Ansel Elgort, who plays the ever-charming Augustus Waters, and Nat Wolff, who plays Augustus' best friend and fellow cancer-sufferer Isaac.

See the video below for yourself, and virtually cuddle up to a cast and crew of people who just seem actually genuinely fun to be around.

Image: Instagram