This Trailer Will Make You Terrified of Disney

Ever wanted to be terrified of Disneyland? Now is your chance. The trailer for Randy Moore's Escape From Tomorrow has been released, and it's pretty much designed to make sure you never want to set foot on Disney-owned property ever again.

Written and directed by Moore, Escape From Tomorrow garnered buzz after its premiere at Sundance this year. A surrealist fantasy horror film, HitFix called Escape From Tomorrow "impossible":

It is not possible that this film exists. It is not possible that they shot long scripted sequences on the actual rides. It is not possible that I just saw a film in which it is suggested and then shown that the various Disney princesses all work as high-priced hookers who sell their wares to wealthy Asian businessmen. It simply cannot be true.

But true it is. Now, we have our first official trailer. As the trailer's voice-over says in its opening strains, "people come here because they want to feel safe." Safe they will not feel, however, as they keep watching.

As to how exactly a film like this — a.k.a. one positing that the "happiest place on Earth" is inhabited by black-eyed demon children and princess hookers — is getting around the long legal arm of the Disney corporation, nobody really knows. In fact, a whole lot of this trailer is already inexplicable.

Nevertheless, it's certainly adding to our suspicions of what's hiding in the nooks and crannies of the "Small World" ride.