How Short Are Snooki & Jionni Really?

You guys, it's been five years now that we've been reluctant yet loyal friends of the obnoxiously endearing Snooki. Yes, a whole entire five years... meaning half of a decade and, like, possibly a fourth of your lifetime. In that insanely significant amount of time, we've come to learn a lot about the Jersey Shore alum. Like how she wears fuzzy slippers that are half as big as she is, how she had a great, triumphant affinity for trucker hats, and how she really digs leopard print. We've watched her get arrested, we've seen her completely and utterly inebriated (sometimes at the same time), but we also witnessed her transition into motherhood and how ever since she gave birth to her son, Lorenzo, she's handled herself with complete poise. Something else we've come to know about Snooki is that, obviously, she's super petite. After all, the Jersey Shore cast affectionately dubbed her a "meatball." Which means that her not-too-much taller fiancé, Jionni LaValle, is also on the shorter side. But just how tall are Snooki and Jionni exactly?

As you probably suspected, not very. According to IMDb, Snooki stands at just 4'8" tall, making her personality and rambunctious nature officially way, way bigger than she is. On the other hand, E! Online lists the more reserved Jionni's height as being a compact 5'5". While not exactly lengthy, it's still a stark contrast to Snooki. And though she might not need a ladder to reach him, she could probably still use a step stool... or at least a running head start. Now that you're informed of this concise couple's exact stats, you can revel in the fact that these two adorable shorties have completed each other. And together, you know, if they stood directly on top of one another, they'd stand at a whopping 10'1". So take that.

Image: Giphy