Nicki Has a Very Strict Life Plan

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That's exactly the life plan Nicki Minaj has set for herself per her recent interview with Complex. Minaj opens up about her strict life plan, which involves Minaj not having babies out of wedlock. "I definitely will be married before I have my baby," she revealed. Her mother taught her to live life in a certain order, and she explained, "I want to make sure I do it in that order. I’ve always felt like that since I was young; my mother always put that in my head. By the fifth album, I will have walked down the aisle and I will at least be on baby number one, possibly baby number two."

She does have babies on the brain, and being a mother is even more important to the singer than having money: "I have definitely put off the wife thing because I don't want people in my business." She added, if she doesn't have a child by her fifth album, she will be "disappointed" because she feels like she "was put here to be a mother."

Minaj also admits to feeling a lot of guilt over being busy with work and being away from her family:

When you’re working and you’re busy and you’re successful, no matter what, something suffers, whether it’s your relationship with your mother, your relationship with your whole family, not being able to go to your brother’s graduation ... Certain things suffer and take the back burner, not because they’re on the back burner in your heart but because the world just moves so quickly. A lot of people, when they’re chasing their dreams, they have to leave people they love. A lot of artists feel that guilt but they don’t express it.

It's simple to understand why she wants to follow her dreams, before committing to two huge life choices: marriage and children. There is no shame in that. To some, her life plan might sound somewhat strict, but it's admirable. What's wrong with wanting to follow your dreams, all while becoming financially stable? Nothing. And wanting to do what you love before settling down? Yep, nothing. What about wanting to marry the person you love before you have children? Again, absolutely nothing. All I have to say is, do you, girl.