A Menzel & Buble Holiday Duet in Kid's Bodies

It's about to be Thanksgiving, so you know what that means: Christmas carols are everywhere. There's no getting rid of them at this point until Dec 26 hits, so we may as well just sit back and watch it happen. And hey, at least we get to enjoy Idina Menzel and Michael Buble dueting "Baby It's Cold Outside" — and with most of the creepy parts of the song cut out!

Menzel and Buble's cover of the winter classic takes place with their voices supplanted into two children: The kids dance around in finery and replace troublesome lyrics like "what's in this drink?" with "was that a wink."

It's a pretty damn cute PG-ing of a holiday season staple, and of course Menzel and Buble sound great — would you expect anything less? Menzel especially has been having a pretty landmark year, thrust into the mainstream by Disney's Frozen after years as a Broadway legend. Frozen's first anniversary is coming up, too, so in some weird way maybe it makes sense to celebrate by placing her voice in the body of a child — she's certainly been the go-to voice for many kids' sing-a-longs since last November. Here's to another year of greatness.