Guess Where our Favorite Brit is Heading

Now that John Oliver is (sniff) no longer hosting The Daily Show, he's got some time freed up. According to recent reports, at least some of that time will be spent back on the Greendale Community College campus: Oliver will be headed back to his role on NBC's Community for a multi-episode arc.

The first two seasons of Community saw Oliver recurring in the role of the morally flexible psychology professor and friend to Joel McHale's Jeff Winger. It's unclear for how many episodes he'll be back; all we really know at this point is that he'll be playing the same character as last time (well, probably) and will be there for multiple episodes.

Oliver's return is the latest in Community news; it was announced a few days back that Justified's Walton Goggins would be making a guest appearance on the show, and a few months back that (sob) Donald Glover would be leaving the show in what returning showrunner Dan Harmon described as "a train of pleasure, followed with a caboose of pain."

With Glover's departure (which, yes, we will be sad about forever), at least we'll be able to comfort ourselves with John Oliver's charmingly raucous British voice.