Keegan Allen Knows Who A Is On 'PLL' Even If The Holiday Episode Doesn't

'Tis the season... for "A" to wreak havoc on our favorite ladies and gents living in Rosewood. On Tuesday, Dec. 9 ABC Family's dark and mysterious series Pretty Little Liars returns for a special holiday episode. Appropriately titled, "How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas," the episode will feature all kinds of seasonal goodness and cheer, like a holiday dance with gorgeous decorations and gowns, of course. Oh, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily will also be dealing with the aftermath of Mona's death, and Spencer's murder charge (remember, she is now suspect No. 1 for the death of Bethany Young). Talk about a happy Christmas.

As exciting as this holiday episode sounds, and will most likely be, there's something much more important we need to discuss: Keegan Allen knows who A is. As we learned during the Halloween special, a few other cast members dished that they know the identity of Big "A," but, of course, fans will have to wait until Season 6 to learn A's identity, as promised by creator I. Marlene King.

Allen, aka Toby, divulged the exciting scoop directly to Bustle during a Thursday conference call, and in his own words, "Yeah, I [know who A is]. I found out. It's pretty mind-blowing." OK, Keegan, but what can you tell us about this A reveal? Let's just let him ramble a bit:

Who else just got chills? From the very first episode, PLL fans have been waiting for this very moment, and it sure sounds like it will be everything we've wanted — and so much more.

Speaking of thrilling moments, one Liars should keep an eye out for is the Season 5B finale, which the cast is filming as we speak. Allen promised Bustle that compared to the other crazy finales, that this one does indeed go out with a bang:

Now those answers make for the perfect ChrismAs gift.

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Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family