An Easy Guide To Roasting The Perfect Turkey

Not to add any extra pressure on you or anything, but no matter how generously we load up our plates with second helpings of green bean casserole or gush about butternut squash, no matter how excited we say we are for pumpkin pie or how much we sing the praises of all things yam-related, Thanksgiving dinner revolves around one thing and one thing only — turkey. I mean, you wouldn't wake up at the crack of dawn during a rare weekday off if you thought turkey wasn't important, right? Luckily, for all of us clueless bird brains out there who don't have even the slightest idea how to roast a Thanksgiving turkey, Column Five + Visuals News shows us everything we need to know about prepping our Thanksgiving masterpiece by breaking down the basics for us in the simplest way possible — with a handy, easy-to-follow infographic.

From calculating how many pounds of turkey you'll need to feed your guests to figuring out just how long it takes for your bird to defrost, this is your go-to guide for everything turkey this Turkey Day — and it couldn't come at a better time. (No seriously, if you're looking to feed a room full of people this holiday, you need to start defrosting that mega bird, like, this weekend.)

A few helpful takeaways? Whether you're picking out a frozen turkey or buying it fresh, count on having at least one pound of poultry per adult guest you expect to have at your table (a 12-pound bird should be just enough to comfortably feed eight people). Make sure you're basting your turkey at least once an hour to keep it moist, and remember to get your turkey into the oven immediately after stuffing it to prevent any bacterial growth (gross).

Got all that down? Great. Now all that's left to do is figure out which type of alcohol pairs best with your Thanksgiving feast. Don't worry — there's an infographic to help with that, too.

Image: Daniel Spiess/Flickr; Column Five + Visuals News; Giphy