When Will 'Sister Wives' Season 6 Start? It's Going To Be a While Before You Catch Up with the Browns

Predictably, the end of this season of Sister Wives gave us nothing but a lot of loose ends — meaning the Brown family failed to answer just about every single burning question we had after the season finale. The big question revolves around the fact that fourth wife Robyn may or may not be pregnant, and unsurprisingly, that question wasn't one of the few answered in their post-season special. Can we blame her, though? That kind of loose end makes for an awesome cliffhanger, because now I'm really curious about whether or not we get to see another pregnancy on the show. In fact, if Robyn is pregnant, I'm inclined to believe that the Browns are in some sort of competition with the Duggars in a TLC battle of reality families. And that is a smackdown I would love to see. So now that Season 5 has ended, when is Sister Wives actually coming back?

Unfortunately, as of right now, there's still no definitive answer. After all, the big "Tell All" special (when they told just about everything but "all") was only last week, so it could be awhile before we get word of a Season 6 premiere date — but just to be on the safe side, we might as well get comfy, because it could be awhile. In the past, Sister Wives hiatuses have spanned anywhere from four to six months, so it might be the end of the year (or early 2015) before we see the Wives again... or, as some of prefer to do, heckle the Wives again.

It appears that Janelle is out of luck, because as long as Sister Wives is on the air, she's going to get it. Unless you guys decide that you're going to improve the show by selling off the rights to My Sisterwife's Closet to the highest bidder, surgically removing Kody's vocal chords to get rid of his chronic foot in mouth disease, and giving the hilarious, way more down to earth teenagers more screen time (and, um, especially Logan, preferably in scenarios where he could be shirtless), the commentary will continue.

Meanwhile, while we lay in wait for Season 6, there are plenty of things we can do to stay busy and pass the time. Stalk the Brown kids on Instagram (since many of them are actually very BFF-worthy), marathon episodes of My Five Wives to tide us over in the polygamy reality show department, and maybe even do a little ice blocking. What? It looked like fun on the show!

Image: Baby Buster Shorts/Tumblr