Sadie Might Go After Luke On ‘Nashville’ Now That He And Rayna Are On The Rocks

I have long suspected that the wedding between Luke Wheeler and Rayna James on Nashville isn't going to happen, but I didn't think it would end like this -- it looks like Luke might cheat on Rayna with Sadie Stone. Throughout tonight's episode we had a few hints that Luke might have a wandering eye for Sadie, kicked off by the weirdly intimate conversation that they had at the bar and rounded out by Sadie's very enthusiastic endorsement for "the kind of love" Luke and Rayna have that she wants for herself. Add a few pointed looks from Rayna between the two of them and I think it is fair to brew up a healthy amount of suspicion for Luke's fidelity.

To be fair, I really don't think that Sadie would ever break them up intentionally. She and Rayna are really tight and judging from her reaction to her ex's text and from the song he inspired, Sadie's romantic life has already been through the wringer. I doubt she is looking for any more drama, so I'm guessing that it is Luke who ends up initiating the cheating, if this really is where the two of them are heading.

And would it really be all that bad if they did? I don't know about everyone else, but to me this smells like a perfect set-up for Rayna and Deacon to get back together. I never thought this wedding would happen, but I did think that it was going to be Rayna's undoing -- now that it might actually be Luke and Sadie's, odds are Rayna would end up turning to Deacon a lot faster. She certainly seemed to be having some sort of serious conversation with him in the preview for next week's episode, so we know that bridge still isn't entirely burned. So don't lose faith, Deacon and Rayna 'shippers. Nashville may reward us yet.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC