10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Lamborghini Is Just About The Stupidest Response To The Street Harassment Video We've Seen—VIDEO

This video infuriates me. I think it's because the guy who made it, Allen Wong, just seems to think he's done a very clever thing and is stupidly smug about it. The video has Wong driving around New York for 10 hours in his blue Lamborghini and being "catcalled" for it. Depending on how you read it, it's either a mockery of or a satire of the now-famous street harassment video "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" by Hollaback! which highlighted gender imbalances on the street. In keeping with the tone of the original video, Wong's byline reads: "The following is real footage of a young millionaire being street harassed by people of all backgrounds. This kind of behavior needs to end."

I'll admit that there's a point in the video where I thought maybe it was a satire, showing how annoying it can be to have people constantly talking to you. When a man sits on the hood of the Lamborghini, it seems the point is, "Yo, back off." But the video ends on a note that says "Just because a car looks a certain way, it doesn't mean it's okay to harass it," followed with, "Just kidding, say 'hi' to me the next time you see me." Spew. For a video that could have used a male's personal property to show how infuriating and invasive it is to have strangers on top of you all the time, Wong's piece instead just showed he has no empathy for what anyone else is going through. The whole thing reads like he's having a big joke at the expense of women who actually feel threatened on the street in their day to day lives, which is not okay.

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