Will Elena Die On 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6? Well, If She's Desperate Enough To Get Her Memories Back...

I'm just going to say it: The Vampire Diaries is pushing me to the brink of an emotional breakdown. All of this Delena back and forth and Elena erasing her memories of Damon on TVD has been too much for my heart to handle. But last Thursday's episode, "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get," put me way over the edge. Damon decided to stop trying to get Elena to remember their love because she's "moved on" and she's "happy" now and it broke my heart. First of all, Elena is 100 percent not over it and after watching Elena cross the Mystic Falls border to undo Alaric's compulsion last Thursday, Damon giving up might be the worst possible thing. Because Elena might die on TVD Season 6 trying to get her memories back.

This might be kind of a stretch but, this is TVD after all. Crazier things — and I mean much crazier things — have happened. Like, Damon coming back from a supernatural time capsule world and Bonnie being able to store ALL of her powers in a teddy bear kind of crazy. But, anyway, back to what TVD fans learned and could deduce from last Thursday episode — first, Damon is still hopelessly in love with Elena, even if he's planning on letting her go and second, Damon never should've let Elena go because she's incredibly bad at solving her issues in life. (Seriously, remember way back when Season 6 premiered and Elena had become a witch-drug addict in Damon's absence?)

Back when Elena's memories were erased initially, before we knew that Alaric could give her her memories back with ease, I did some research about other ways Elena could remember the glory that was Delena. But, now that Alaric's human, his death won't be able to reverse the compulsion nor can he do it himself. So those two options are out. What we have left is the "vampire sire bond" that allegedly drew Delena together in the first place, Elena's revelation that crossing the Mystic Falls border could break her compulsion, and, last but not least, a witch.

You're still probably wondering how and why this could mean that Elena will die? Well, let's start with that mystical, alleged sire bond, which Elena has obviously started feeling again since Damon's return. Elena might be feeling curious and frustrated about not being able to remember her relationship with Damon, but there's something more drawing her to him. I mean, she went from calling him a monster to ditching her date to try to remember their last night together. That's not something someone who's just curious and frustrated would do and it's just going to get stronger, though I'm not super-convinced it'd be enough to break Elena's compulsion, the sire bond could drive her to desperately try this two options.

The Mystic Falls Border Attempt

During Thursday's episode we saw Elena, on a whim, throw herself over the Mystic Falls border — even though she knew what could happen to her — to try to reverse Alaric's compulsion. She had no idea that it'd help her remember, Elena was just operating on a hunch that, because it undid the magic on Alaric, it could undo her compulsion. And, it worked — for a few seconds until Damon pulled her back across. But, what if Elena, now that Damon is refusing to answer her questions and has given up on her, went back to the border and did this again alone? Drowning is different than bleeding out, no one can really stop you from magical-drowning. If Elena is really hellbent on remembering her relationship with Damon and he sticks to his guns and refuses to help, things could go badly wrong at the Mystic Falls border because we all know how erratic Elena can be.

The Witch Ally

There's also the option of trusting a witch to go into your brain, with magic, and reverse the compulsion. It'd be extremely painful — think Esther forcing Elijah to remember what happened to Tatia (that was painful and he wasn't compelled) — but it could be done. Currently on TVD, there's three witches Elena could turn to, though I'm not entirely sure any are trustworthy. There's Jo, who recently revealed that Kai is her brother and confronted Elena about being a vampire, Alaric's new girlfriend a witch who's totally out of practice, which really doesn't make her a great choice. And then there's Liv and Luke, who screwed up royally when it came to keeping the portal to The Other Side open long enough for everyone to return, which is how we ended up in this mess in the first place. None of these options seem like a guarantee that Elena will get out of this process alive if she's desperate enough to try it in the first place.

So, basically, all of the odds are against Elena's survival right now, should she pursue trying to get her memories of Damon back without his help. And on top of all of that, there's a real-life factor that might be sealing the deal on Elena's fate: back in August, E! Online revealed that one of TVD 's stars hadn't signed on yet for Season 7. Now, I can't imagine a TVD without Elena, Damon, and Stefan in their perpetual love triangle. But what if said star is Nina Dobrev and Season 6 will be her last with the series we've grown to love and hate equally over the past five seasons? It's entirely possible that if Dobrev didn't sign on for Season 7, Elena could die — after struggling through Season 6 to get her memories of Damon back — to successfully write Dobrev's character off the series. It'd be tragic, because we all want Elena and Damon to live happily ever after, but sometimes contracts get in the way of romance.

Either way, TVD fans should be on Elena death watch because we all know how off-the-deep-end this girl can get when she's feeling alone with her struggles.

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