Biebs, Pilots and Mary Jane Should Never Mix

In the never-ending saga of ridiculous things Justin Bieber has done in the last year, his latest stunt takes the cake for being more subtly idiotic than we previously thought possible. Bieber apparently rolled up to his private jet (because obviously normal planes simply won't do for Justin Bieber) with a car so thoroughly hotboxed that the pilot compared it to Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke," although such a comparison seems unduly unfair to Cheech and Chong, who will probably never recover from being put in the same boat as the Biebs.

However, one thing that clearly didn't occur to Justin was how his pilot might react to being enveloped in Bieber's ganja cloud, which is to say Justin Bieber is pretty much the most cavalier flyer out there if he's willing to take a chance on getting his pilot second-hand high.

So here's some potential risk scenarios that could've occurred as fallout, beyond Justin Bieber being a blazed mess that is.

1) The Pilot Could Get The Munchies And Decide To Make An Unexpected Pitstop

"Okay guys, I know you want to go to L.A., but I'm sooooo hungry. Wendy's anyone? My phone says there's one about 200 miles away in Canada, you down? Why am I using my phone you ask? Hahahahahaha, yo dude, I totally forgot I was flying this plane. But seriously we're going to Canada for Wendy's. "

2) It's Probably Hard To Fly When Everything Looks Like Food

I mean, life's hard when you've got five hours to go til landing and literally every cloud looks like a waffle. Yum. Waffles.

3) The Pilot Probably Got Distracted Thinking Of Hilarious Puns on "Flying High"

C'mon, who wouldn't? Puns are the bee's knees. Plus ... mile high club. get it? GET IT?