Tom Hiddleston Wins "Sexiest Avenger Alive" Poll; Sorry Chris Hemsworth

The people have spoken, and Tom Hiddleston is the Sexiest Avenger Alive. It's true that People Magazine may have named Chris Hemsworth the Sexiest Man Alive, but MTV did their own poll after the announcement, and Hiddleston won hands down against his fellow Avengers cast. Sorry Hemsworth, but your on-screen brother is sexier than you. It's just another example of Hiddleston being robbed of the Sexiest Man title because clearly everyone wants him to win. Last year after Adam Levine claimed the Sexiest Man role, MTV ran a similar poll and Hiddleston won that time too.

But this year the results are even better because technically Hiddleston's character Loki isn't even an Avenger and he still beat out Thor. As of now the British actor is leading the race with a whopping 80 percent of the votes, while Hemsworth has only 2.6 percent. Yeah, that's how badly Hiddleston is trouncing him. He doesn't even have any competition from anyone else considering second place is Chris Evans with just 7.9 percent of the votes.

When is People Magazine going to understand that conventional sexy is so yesterday? These days it's all about the goofy and unconventionally hot actors like Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hiddleston of course. Hemsworth is pretty to look at, true, but Hiddleston also deserved the honor.

The public has spoken, and they like Hiddleston the best. Can you blame them? Loki was pretty damn sexy in Avengers.

So maybe next time People will actually listen to the people and allow Tom Hiddleston ascend his rightful throne as Sexiest Man Alive. After all, there's nothing Loki loves more than a good throne and a prestigious title.

Images: mothafuckingifsbitch/Tumblr; giphy