How To Watch the American Music Awards Online, Because the AMAs Deserve a Spot in Your TV Lineup

Awards season basically goes all year long now, with so many different prizes given out to so many different artists, from the Kid's Choice Awards to the NAACP Image Awards, all leading up to the big trifecta of the Grammys, Oscars, and Emmys, which conveniently all happen at three different points in the year. Last week we had the out-of-nowhere Hollywood Film Awards, and now the music industry is up with the American Music Awards airing on ABC on Nov. 23. You might remember the AMAs from last year's Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" performance… you know, it was the one with an enormous projection of a weeping cat on the screen behind her while she wore a onesie and plastic jewelry? You don't want to miss another moment like that. So that's why you absolutely need to make sure you watch the AMAs Sunday night.

"But there's so much other TV on Sundays!" you're probably saying. "There's no way I'll be able to watch these awards while football, Homeland, The Walking Dead, and Bob's Burgers are all on!" Well, no need to worry — there are plenty of options for watching the awards online.

Through Watch ABC with Your Cable Subscription

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If you have cable but you won't be at home, or your roommates have some kind of prejudice against popular music, you can use that cable subscription to log onto "Watch ABC," a streaming service that lets you watch live television from your computer. Keep that open in one window with Twitter open in another, and you'll be plugged into what every music fan is thinking.

Or the Watch ABC App

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If you don't have the luxury of a cable subscription (or a generous friend or family member willing to lend you some login information), then you can buy the ABC app via iTunes or buy the right to stream the awards through Google Play. If this is the one and only thing you're planning to watch this weekend, why not pay for an HD version of it a la carte? You won't miss a single detail.

And If You Just Want to See What People Wore

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The AMAs are offering all of their red carpet coverage live via their website. So if you just want to know who best showed off their assets, whether Selena Gomez walked by and snubbed Taylor Swift, or if Miley brought her new boyfriend, then you can stream from ABC's website until the awards start airing at 8 p.m.. Because if Katy Perry puts on another culturally insensitive costume, you don't want to be tweeting your disapproval hours too late, do you?

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