'Blurred Bynes' Is The Parody We've Waited For

There are very few circumstances in which many of my favorite things, those being drag queens, Amanda Bynes and making fun of Robin Thicke, come together, but lucky for me, at long last, it has happened. DWV, the satiric girl group composed of two of the sexiest RuPaul's Drag Race contestants, Willam and Detox, plus Detox's large and in charge drag daughter, Vicky Vox, released a parody called "Blurred Bynes," and it is predictably hilarious.

DWV has brought us hilarious hits like, "Chow Down (At Chick-Fil-A)" and "Boy Is A Bottom," so, much like me, they're predictably but controversially team Amanda. Their sage summation of Amanda Bynes' issues right now makes other parodies pale in comparison.

We've all seen the countless feminist/gender-bias based parodies, like this Kermit the Frog one, this Alan Thick from Growing Pains one, or this gender-flipped one, but in my humble opinion, DWV's take on the much overplayed hit takes the cake.

Plus, "Blurred Bynes" is notably the only parody with boner-worthy male models, so immediately it had my heart as well as, uh, other body parts. Trust me when I tell you, watching beautiful ladyboys sing about Amanda huffing glue is exactly what your day needs, you just don't know it yet.