Best 'Blurred Lines' Parodies From 'Growing Pains' to Girl Power

Robin Thicke's song of the summer, "Blurred Lines", is unstoppable. Even with the controversy surrounding its degrading lyrics, the unrelentingly catchy tune has become the song you can't escape. The only thing getting more attention than the song is its unrated music video, thanks to its parade of topless women only interrupted by a flashing #THICKE logo. But since the real thing can get old, we've compiled the best "Blurred Lines" parodies.

But first, here's the original, in case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen it—or want to see it for the hundreth time.

Sexy Boys Parody

This video by Mod Carousel puts the girls front and center, and lets them keep their clothes on. Surrounding them are nearly-nude boys (the sexy ones the title refers to), and of course some giant hashtags.

Bill Clinton Sings "Blurred Lines"

YouTube channel baracksdubs is known for their auto-tunes of President Obama "singing" hit songs, but for "Blurred Lines", they took a break from the current president and let Bill Clinton in on the action.

"Blurring Pains"

Finally, the mashup we've all been waiting for, courtesy of The Hood Internet. Surprisingly, the unforgettable Growing Pains theme song mixes with "Blurred Lines" pretty well — perhaps we'll hear that on the radio next? But the video is where the magic really happens, as Growing Pains star Alan Thicke's head is photoshopped onto his son's body from random parts of the real "Blurred Lined" video. He must be so proud.