'Always Sunny': Who won the gun control debate?

Always Sunny, like its animated brother-in-arms South Park, never shies from taking on the issues of the day. Steroid abuse. Celebrity worship. Drug addiction. Racism. Abortion. The list goes on forever, right up to tonight's hot topic: gun control. Who has the guns? Do we need them out on the street, for our protection? How easy is it to get them? Cutting through all the PC NAVEL-GAZING, Sunny confronted the issue the best way it knows how: by framing it through rampant ignorance and narcissism.

Things kicked off when Frank appeared on a local news show to talk about the mugging he thwarted by brandishing his gun. Back at the bar, the rest of the gang debated just what the issue was. Are guns way too easy to buy? Or do our schools and public places have nowhere near enough guns to properly protect us all.

Dennis and Dee: it is ridiculous how simple the process of obtaining a gun

Mac and Charlie: MORE GUNS

The Reynolds kids immediately hit up Gunther's gun shop to try and purchase a big gun, maybe something from the assault family. Expecting an easy sell they instead learned that…Dennis' file was flagged for a history of felonies and Dee -- well, Dee had been committed, remember? Oops! Unable to get guns through an established vendor, they next tried out a gun expo. Sure, the guy with the table full of automatic weapons would sell to you without a background check…but it would cost twice as much as what Gunther was charging. "I will burn you alive like the last bitch who crossed me!" screamed Dee as Dennis grabbed an (unloaded) gun to take control of the situation. Once again: NO GO.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac tried to sell their security detail to a local middle school run by Dave Foley (who Charlie had previously worked for as a janitor). This, of course, meant demonstrating how quickly they could unholster their pistol and katana, respectively. It didn't go over well. Later they opened up Paddy's to a group of children, who they attempted to teach about weapon safety by…giving them ordinary objects to use as weapons. This went even worse than the school security idea, resulting in a Hunger Games-style bloodbath from which Mac and Charlie had to escape.

In the end, of course, no one won the gun control debate. Maybe Frank, who'd actually been profiting from the gun sales he stirred up with his stock in Gunther's store? Dennis/Dee and Mac/Charlie both reversed their views completely. No one really got anywhere, just like in real life. But hey, we had a lot of laughs along the way!