Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating?

by Maitri Suhas

I try my damnedest to keep updated on politics and general world affairs, but as I am only human, I also like to know who famous so-and-so's are dating. And one of those ladies is Anna Kendrick, who I find has grown on me over the past few years so gradually that I didn't even realize it, but at this point I can't wait until Pitch Perfect 2 comes out. Not only Kendrick hilarious and talented and someone who admits to getting drunk in interviews, she also makes us feel better about our own embarrassing pasts. She recently talked about her crappy high school experiences. Basically, SHE'S A CATCH, and she deserves a good dude. So who is Anna Kendrick dating? Or is she just keeping all of her awesomeness to herself?

Earlier this year, the Pitch Perfect star debunked those hopeful rumors that she was perhaps dating Alfie Allen, AKA Theon Greyjoy, AKA Lily Allen's little bro. Even I bought into the hubbub. I guess I just wanted Kendrick to be dating a citizen of Westeros. But, as we all know, she tweeted that the rumor was sadly untrue (but was good-natured about it, because she's just good-natured about everything). These rumors were put to sleep way back in August, so either since then, she's either been dating on the low, or chillin' on her own.

But then, (still in August, mind you), she stepped out with a new man, Ben Richardson.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So who the heck is Ben Richardson, you say? I didn't quite know either, so I threw it over to the old Google machine. And it looks like Richardson is a catch, too. He's a cinematographer who's worked on some very impressive titles, like The Fault in Our Stars and Beasts of the Southern Wild as well as Drinking Buddies and Happy Christmas, which stars, who else, but Anna Kendrick.

I tried to find out how old he was but to no avail. But look at that baby face! Either he's young or sharing a fountain of youth with Paul Rudd. Kendrick was seen furniture shopping with Richardson during their August outing, and even though their relationship hasn't been confirmed, let's be real: you would only shop for furniture with your significant other.

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mysteriously, though, it seems like Kendrick and Richardson haven't been spotted against since that fateful furniture expedition. Did they break up already? Was it all a hoax? Is she just super slammed promoting Pitch Perfect 2? If she's again single, then that's good news for all the dudes out there, because she's a catch and a half. But Richardson is such a cutie. Hopefully they're still together and just woefully apart for, ya know, career reasons right now. Maybe she'll show up to the Pitch Perfect 2 premiere with Richardson on her arm.

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