Zeek's Death on 'Parenthood' Seems Certain Once Again After "Lean In"

We've known for some time that Zeek's death on Parenthood was on the horizon, but that didn't make watching the terrified Braverman patriarch beg his wife Camille to call an ambulance in the middle of the night any less harrowing. During Thursday night's emotional episode "Lean In," it looks as though the show is officially setting us up for Zeek's death. (Craig T. Nelson will be so relieved.)

Before Zeek's health scare, he spent the bulk of "Lean In" coercing poor Drew into helping him book a secret trip to Paris to surprise Camille with a romantic adventure. Drew was panicky and eventually caved to Camille (who was on to their game pretty early on), which caused Zeek to scold his grandson for ruining the surprise. "I chose you because I trusted you...you let me down." Oof. Please, oh please, don't let those be Zeek's final words to poor, fragile Drew. That will kill him and then we'll be down two Bravermans before this show wraps up.

In case the rift between Zeek and Drew wasn't enough to shatter your heart, the conversation between Zeek and Camille most certainly did. When Zeek—who said he was sick of being treated like an invalid— told her about the details of the Paris trip, which had significance to the both of them, she lit up with joy. "We can look forward to it together," she said of their future trip that will probably never happen now because everything is sad and terrible.

It may be time to finally say goodbye to Zeek, Parenthood-ies. Prepare yourselves in the coming weeks.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC