Is Annalise a Sociopath on 'HTGAWM?' She Knows Wes Killed Sam & Is Almost Too Cool With It

Within the first moments of the midseason finale of HTGAWM , we learned Wes was the official murderer of Sam Keating, Annalise's husband. From the looks of it, Annalise had nothing to do with the murder — technically, she didn't; she wasn't at the crime scene when Sam was killed — but "the looks of it" don't mean much in Shondaland. After all of this, how could Annalise not be involved, in some way, in Sam's murder? It turns out Annalise did know that Wes killed Sam on HTGAWM , so what does that mean for her character?

There is a moment in Thursday's episode when Wes goes back to Annalise's office to get the murder weapon. I'm pretty sure he goes there to get the trophy because that is the one thing that will initially link him and the other students to the crime — because at this point they hadn't decided to burn the body (which they didn't even do, ugh) — and if he has the trophy, the Keating 5 won't be the first suspects. That's when Wes looks at Sam's body and says, "I am so sorry." The first time we hear Wes say this, I'm thinking, "I don't know if you really are Wes, you seem too chill about this whole thing." But then the word "chill" got a whole new definition when Annalise says "Don't be," and she is just straight chillin' like a villain in her desk chair.

Wes is surprised by her presence. I rewatched it multiple times, he didn't expect her there. That makes me think that these two weren't in cahoots (fun word to say, not a fun situation to say it in) regarding Sam's murder. But why is Annalise so relaxed about her dead husband?

Earlier in the episode, a very intense scene between Annalise and Sam occurred. "Very intense" is an understatement. It was an ugly scene, and we finally realized how bad of a man Sam Keating really is (was). This makes me think Annalise is the victim in the situation, she needed to get out, because it is going to get bad. And she does, she does get away — she goes to Nate's house for a 'lil comfort.

But then another side of me thinks Annalise is a strategic sociopath. Remember in a previous episode when Wes suggested that Annalise had planned all of this (Nate talking to Rebecca, Rebecca trying to get dirt on Sam)? I'm not sold that she isn't the one behind all of this orchestrated horror. When Wes is surprised to see her, she is just sitting there, saying "don't be sorry for killing my husband," which I would believe, but that calm demeanor doesn't last. She turns into an entirely new Annalise when she pretends to be a hurt wife who is worried about her husband — AND THAT'S WHY SHE LEFT THAT HEARTFELT MESSAGE FOR SAM. By leaving that message, Annalise comes off as a wife who wants to work on things with her husband, not someone who would ever want to hurt her husband — but by this point, Annalise knows Sam is dead.

Will Annalise tell the cops the truth (HA — no)? Will Wes say anything about Annalise knowing what happened (again, no — he is the murderer)? The show might not come back until January, but I think I've answered the season long question: How do you get away with murder? Have Annalise Keating on your side.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC