Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" & "Beg For It" AMAs Performances Were Awesome

Who dat who dat performing at Sunday night's American Music Awards? Iggy Azalea. Alright, all terribly punny jokes aside, The Aussie rapper took on the American Music Awards on Sunday night, and despite having a less than stellar, dare I say it, uneventful performance on Saturday Night Live, she more than made up for it. Azalea took to the stage with two incredible singles on Sunday night, the first with Charlie XCX for a quick rendition of their monster hit "Fancy," then she took the stage alone to perform her new single "Beg For It" which featured quite a few expletives that probably made the AMA censors extremely nervous. Despite the expletives and my personal worry that Iggy's performance was going to be less than exciting, the Aussie rapper killed it on Sunday night and completely shattered any thoughts that she couldn't put on a great show.

Azalea began the performance at what looked like a school assembly set-up where she and Charlie XCX were clad in suits and rocking the song as it was meant to be rocked. Then after letting her quite attractive male dancers show their talents with a dance break, the rapper and AMA recipient made a quick change, let out a blast of expletives that made me think my television had broken, and then displayed incredible sultriness for "Beg For It" that would actually probably make any man want to do just that.

Was that inappropriate? Well, it's true, because Iggy, alongside her many great female dancers for "Beg For It," really brought the sexiness in her performance and made me more excited for her performance of "Booty" later in the AMA telecast. I know that the American Music Awards censor board was worried about JLo and Iggy's "Booty" performance, but maybe they should have also paid attention to the show-stopping number Iggy performed alone.

It was nice to see that Iggy Azalea could hold a performance on her own, even if it was for part of her song. It just gives me faith that her tour must be pretty damn amazing and it made her AMA win that much more justified.