Is Your Heart Still Broken From 'TFIOS'?

Ah, The Fault in Our Stars. It was the movie that ruined everyone emotionally long before The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 ever came out. It was the movie that forced us to divide our lives into our emotional state before watching The Fault in Our Stars and our emotional state after watching The Fault in Our Stars. It was the movie that made us all fall in love with tap-dancing Ansel Elgort (who, sadly, does no tap-dancing in the film). The love for the movie is so real that when the iconic TFIOS bench went missing for a while, people immediately suspected that it had somehow been stolen when really the city had taken it away for cleaning. Now that bench holds an entirely new significance as Shailene Woodley and Elgort re-created the infamous TFIOS bench scene at a dedication ceremony at the 20th Century Fox studio lot in Los Angeles.

The bench now has a new and permanent home under a tree on that lot, and Woodley, Elgort, and TFIOS author John Green all reunited to dedicate it. It was a heartfelt and tearful moment, especially considering what exactly happened on that bench in the movie. Unnecessary spoiler alert: Hazel Lancaster (Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Elgort) are sitting on that bench on the final day of their romantic Amsterdam getaway, when Gus chooses that moment to reveal to Hazel that his cancer has returned. As we all know by now, because John Green is evil, Gus eventually dies from it.

However, the re-created scene by Woodley and Elgort was much less heartbreaking and much more adorable. Although we knew that the two stars got along considering they stuck into showings of TFIOS in disguise together and also costar in the Divergent franchise together, it's just so sweet to see how easily they fell right back into friendship despite being apart working on different projects all this time. When I look at Woodley and Elgort in this picture, I don't see Hazel and Gus. I don't see heartbreak. I don't see pain. I see a cute reimagining of a tragic moment, and I see two amazing costars who need to work together on everything forever from now on.

Check out the picture below.

Image: 20th Century Fox; cold-dreamer/Tumblr