Why Did Beyonce Name Her Song “7/11”? 9 Theories You Need to Read — VIDEO

Though Beyoncé's self-titled secret album managed to drop sans-leak last December, BEYONCÉ (Platinum Edition) is living by its own rules: earlier this week, snippets of Platinum Edition songs “Ring Off” and “7/11” hit the web. A mere few days later, the full versions of both songs made their way onto the Internet. The absolutely infectious “Ring Off” remained on the 'net, but “7/11” was yanked outta our hands almost immediately.* "7/11" is a freakin' BANGER and, like Bey song "Get Me Bodied" before it, offers up some choreo instructions for the listeners. As a matter of fact, all of the lyrics are instructional.

*(Fast-forward to Friday night: AN AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO FOR "7/11" APPEARED! Queen Bey is so good to us.)

After reading through the lyrics, I was left with a question: What does the title "7/11" mean?!

Like Bustler Alyse Whitney, I considered the possibility that "7/11" is a call-back to some lyrics from Bey's hit "Drunk In Love" and/or a shoutout to the convenience store chain. Totally plausible, not writing either off. However, I am curious about Bey's use of a forward slash rather than a hyphen. That forward slash could mean it's a reference to a specific date. What major events happened on July 11?

[Insert intense research montage here.]

I found a lot of significant events that occurred on the eleventh day of the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar at some point in history. I whittled down the list to nine events that may or may not have been the inspiration for the "7/11" title:

1. July 11, 1346: Charles IV of Luxembourg was elected Holy Roman Emporer of the Holy Roman Empire

Was the King of Bohemia-turned-Emporer of the Holy Roman Empire really into dancing?

2. July 11, 1801: Astronomer Jean-Louis Pons discovered the first of many comets he'd discover

Maybe if you follow the song's instructions, you'll be a comet on the dance floor?

3. July 11, 1893: Mikimoto Kōkichi created the first cultured pearl (ya know, a pearl that appreciates a fine glass of scotch)

Who doesn't love pearls, amirite?

4. July 11, 1899: E.B. White was born

Maybe this song is the dance version of The Elements of Style?

5. July 11, 1914: Babe Ruth made his MLB debut

The Great Bambino didn't start as a Yankee, but that's the team he's associated with. Maybe this is a shoutout to Jay Z's love for the New York baseball team?

6. July 11, 1922: The Hollywood Bowl opened

Perhaps Bey and Jay enjoy packing a picnic and going to the symphony?

7. July 11, 1959: Richie Sambora was born

Maybe Bey really likes dancing to the songs of Bon Jovi?

8. July 11, 1963: Lisa Rinna was born

Is Bey a big soap opera and/or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan?

9. July 11, 2014: LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers

King James and Queen Bey. So much royalty.

OR MAYBE!!!! It's a fraction. OR MAYBE!!!!!! It's a really weird time signature. OR MAYBE!!!!! It's a Euro date format. What if it's Nov. 7, not July 11?

Whatever "7/11" means, I know one thing: I have this song ON REPEAT.

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Image: kanyebeyoncedraket*ts/tumblr