Every Spoiler About Mona Returning To 'PLL'

by Kaitlin Reilly

The weather may be getting chillier and days shorter, but if there's one reason to look forward to winter this year, it's this: A bonus episode of Pretty Little Liars. The Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode airs on Dec. 9, and I'm already getting antsy with anticipation of the holiday special. And why shouldn't I be? From the promos the holiday episode looks like it could be the most memorable of all the mid season specials of the ABC Family show, and not just because the show is finally acknowledging snow in Pennsylvania. There's an ice ball, A cloaked in white, and — best of all — Mona. Yep, the original A may be dead, but that doesn't mean she's going anywhere. Mona is back in the Christmas episode "How The A Stole Christmas," and this time, she won't be in a body bag.

According to the actress who portrays the mysterious Mona Vanderwaal, Janel Parrish, Mona will still be a series regular on Pretty Little Liars when it returns — and she'll kick off her post-mortem character arc on Dec. 9. Between images released by ABC Family and a multitude of reports, we know that Mona will take on ghost form, but here is every spoiler out there about Mona's return from beyond the grave.

She's Taking A Cue From Charles Dickens

According to TVLine, Mona will turn the liars' lives into Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Mona will return to Rosewood as the ghost (or, possibly, ghosts) of Christmas past, present, and future. And as this photo from the upcoming 5B episode show Mona decked out in classically ghostly gear — all while looming over a terrified Alison DiLaurentis' bed. It seems that Mona is back to torture Ali (it is her turn, after all). Could that be a hint that Ali was the one who arranged Mona's murder — or even followed through with it herself?

She Could Appear In Flashbacks

Parrish told Hollywood Life that she feels lucky to be filling in for Sasha Pieterse (Alison) as resident "flashback girl" of Pretty Little Liars. Mona may be dead, but much like "dead" Ali was in the first four seasons of the ABC Family drama, she won't be gone — she'll spend the rest of her time as a series regular appearing in the PLL past. It would make sense for at least one major flashback to appear in the Christmas episode — especially if she takes on the role of the ghost of Christmas past. Mona could take Ali on a trip down memory lane, perhaps showing Ali how her evil ways ruined one of Mona's Christmases years earlier.

She Might Be Back In Black

We still don't know where Mona's body is, but there's a chance that we'll get at least a sneak peek of it at some point in the Christmas episode. After all, A isn't exactly prone to properly storing human remains — let's not forget the body bag in the cooler on the Halloween train.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family (2); Giphy (2)