The 'PLL' Christmas Special Has a Shocking Break-In, a Ghost & Plenty of Romance — PHOTOS

'Tis the season, but not everyone will be feeling jolly on Pretty Little Liars ' first-ever Christmas episode. Instead of creepy things happening on Halloween, the Liars will be feeling chilly with an Ice Ball as they battle "A" and deal with the aftermath of Mona's death and Spencer almost being charged with Bethany Young's murder. However, there will be some fun underneath the mistletoe for the couples, and from the looks of these sneak peek photos, Ezra and Aria, Hanna and Caleb, Spencer and Toby, and Emily and Paige are all happy. And as for Alison? She has a new team behind her now that the Liars have ditched her, and she'll get a visit from the ghost of Mona — a.k.a. the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Check out all of the action when you click through, and tune in for the holiday extravaganza on Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

by Alyse Whitney

Things Start Out Happy For All the Liars

Look how smiley Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria are!

They Even Have a Huge Date For All the Couples

Smiles, cooking… what could go wrong?

Emily and Paige Are Back Together

For good this time?

Hanna and Caleb Are Going Strong, For the Most Part

Mona is on Hanna’s screen. She is probably mourning her the hardest.

Toby's Leg Isn't All Better Yet

Forgot he broke his leg. At least it gives Spencer a new chair.

Alison Has New Liars

And in masks, no less, at the Ice Ball.

Everyone Is Shocked by Ali's New Team

Except Toby, who is MIA here.

Spencer Stands Alone

Um, where is Toby?

Ali Gets a Visit From Mona

That silver hair is working for the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Here's Another Look at Ghost Mona

So badass.

Spencer and Hanna Team Up

Why are they looking in Ali’s house?

And They Break and Enter, Too

Never a good idea.

Spencer Looks Afraid

Is she going to get them caught?

Hanna Makes a Discovery in Ali's Room

Is that a passport hiding underneath Tippi’s cage?