Net-a-Porter's Gift Shop Is All Shades Of Crazy

So in today's daily dose of crazy, there's a new holiday shop for those with a spare $50,000. Net-a-Porter launched a fantasy gift list for the first time, and it makes Neiman Marcus' holiday book look like chunk change. Seriously, don't even open it unless there are 3 zeros behind the number you're willing to spend.

In addition to a selection of expensive items like clutches and shoes, the e-commerce site also features a number of fantasy gift bundles, including these three gems.

The Endless Shopping Bag, Priceless/UnlimitedUnlimited store credit for one year to indulge your every fashion desire. Price? A very generous someone's unlimited credit card.

Shoes Every Week of the Year, $41,500Your choice of a beautiful pair of shoes each week for a year.

The Bag Subscription, $29,000One bag per month for a year

I seriously just kind of want to know who it is that would spend this lavishly. As great as unlimited bags and shoes sounds, it's a little frivolous and unnecessary, unless you're a celebrity constantly going to events and premieres — and they don't need Net-a-Porter, they get to borrow. But there are plenty of other things I can think of that we'd really want unlimited quantities of. Such as...

1. Chocolate

2. Cheese

3. Chipotle

4. Basically Food In General

5. Wine

6. Puppies

7. Harry Styles

But while they work on all of those things, go wild at Net-a-Porter!

Images: Giphy; Net-a-Porter