What's Next for the U.S. Embassy on 'Homeland'? Haqqani's Real Plan Left It Vulnerable

Oh man. Things are not looking good on Homeland. We finally found out what long game Haissam Haqqani and the ISI were playing, and it's way more dangerous than a prisoner exchange (though that was pretty darn terrifying too). Nope, on Sunday's episode of Homeland , we found out that all of the explosions, negotiations, and spineless moles were part of Haqqani's larger plan to infiltrate the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. Yeah, when Haqqani said in his video, "We will drive them from our skies. We will show their crimes to the world," he meant business.

A couple of RPGs did the double duty of putting Carrie, Saul, and Redmond out of commission (though hopefully not permanently), and drawing all of the military presence away from the embassy. Didn't your heart just sink when they ordered all of the marines to the blast site? And didn't it sink even further when Dennis Boyd blanched at the idea, and haltingly told his wife that the ISI knew about the embassy's secret tunnel? And it must have dropped right to the floor when Haqqani himself cut the lock and began to storm the fortress.

Now, with the embassy left completely unprotected, what could possibly be next? Blustery Senator Lockhart's certainly not going to be any help (though he wins for best line of the episode: "What the fuck. What the fucking fuck"). Martha Boyd's proven herself to be good under pressure, and Quinn certainly knows how to defend himself. Even Dennis Boyd might be good for more intel (after all, after an entire episode of denying the truth, he did deliver, albeit too late) — but is that enough? Will this (very) unlikely team be able to save the embassy (or, at the very least, stay alive) without Carrie, Redmond, and Saul? Perhaps Aasar Khan will swoop in to save the day (again).

Let's hope so.

Images: David Bloomer/Showtime