Did Fish Mooney Kill the Waynes on 'Gotham'? This Red Herring Could Actually Be a Shark

In the Batman comics, a more or less anonymous petty criminal usually kills the Waynes. Tim Burton's Batman posited that the Joker was their murderer ("Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"), while Chris Nolan went for the classic comic culprit, mugger Joe Chill, even though he threw in a little hint that Ra's al Ghul might have been masterminding the whole thing all along. But Gotham has started to build a real conspiracy over who killed Batman's parents, and one person who's looking verrry suspicious right now is Fish Mooney, who may have killed the Waynes on Gotham while looking to take over the city's criminal underworld from her Don, Carmine Falcone.

Fish could be responsible for whacking her boss' business connections in hope of weakening him further. Even though Falcone still seems pretty sharp, the eclectic creeps who he keeps sending after the cops keep getting caught and apprehended by James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Even Zsasz, his big gun, was taken down in the end by Jim and Harvey. And Fish's fakeout with Ian Hargrove may not have netted her any extra cash, but it sure looked like Butch's bomb burned a lot of Falcone's stash, and what he didn't torch likely was seized by the cops swarming the scene. Fish may not succeed outright, what with Penguin sneaking around and undermining her murderous plans with Liza, but she's definitely become a thorn in Falcone's side.

I know the show has already hinted at Fish arranging the Waynes' murders when it was revealed that she framed Mario Pepper for the job all the way back in the very first episode. But it was assumed that she was doing it in under orders from Falcone, not independently. Now that we know that she's been orchestrating a series of ambushes on Falcone's businesses, it's not out of the realm of possibility that she killed the Waynes in an attempt to cripple Falcone's ability to manipulate them or even perhaps to drive police interest towards the mob so Falcone gets wrapped up in a criminal conspiracy charge.

I'm sure we'll find out who killed the Waynes by the end of this season of Gotham. But in the meantime, Fish Mooney is an excellent suspect — or at least a prominent one. She's got motive, she's got plenty of criminal connections, and she even has a henchman, Butch, who fits the physical description of the killer.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; GothamGifs/Tumblr