The 22 Most Insane Miley Cyrus Instagram Posts To Celebrate Her 22nd Birthday

Today is Miley Cyrus' 22nd birthday! Though she seems to have quieted down a bit recently, it's been a pretty insane couple of years for the pop star. She released Bangerz, shocked the world with her onstage outfits and antics, but most importantly, she found an aesthetic that is truly her own. This is infinitely apparent on her Instagram, the land of pizza, leotards, strange edits, and arts and crafts.

Miley has celebrated her birthday by wearing what looks like the entire contents of a Michael's craft store on her body. And I mean that in a totally complimentary way. She and her new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, who is a Kennedy by the way, celebrated on Saturday night at Factory Nightclub. The party was allegedly decorated with sex toys and a giant mechanical dildo. Seems about right.

Though I couldn't be at the party, I feel like I'm at the Miley party most of the time just by following her on Instagram. Not only has she embraced that arts and crafts aesthetic, but she's also developed a weird sense of humor. Seemingly in response to people telling her she's trying too hard to be hot, she's embraced the opposite, posting lots of edits of herself in weird scenarios and pulling some crazy faces. Here are some of her zaniest Instagram posts from the past year to celebrate her 22nd birthday and the birth of the new Miley.

There's a surprising amount of Elvis appreciation on her Instagram

Here's a cake with Miley and her pig

The pic that launched a thousand edits

For example:

The best of both worlds!

Who took this?

Going full arts and crafts with artist Jeremy Scott


Some of her art

Introducing Bubba Sue the pig

A healthy breakfast

Where the magic happens

But wait! There's more

Very avant garde, not too practical


So Cali

After a rough night of crafting

A classic


Very scary

A usual Miley look

Bangerz. Twerk